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nature museum

September 10, 2010

I’ve been trying to get out more on Fridays with the little alone time I have with my daughter, and today we ventured a whole 5 minutes across the freeway to a little nature museum that features local wildlife (think coyotes, badgers, raccoons and otters) and also has a few fun little hands-on children’s exhibits. I thought the animals would totally thrill her, but she was more interested in jumping up and down the stairs (except for the otters of course since they were the party animals of all the, well, animals, ha!).

The exhibits inside though, were thrilling.  Probably the ultimate favorite was a tube meant to illustrate an updraft that helps birds fly, among other things.  The kids could put colored foam thingies into the tube and then watch (or squeal with delight) as the air blew them up and out the top.

The other hit was a wall filled with holes and colored water bottles that was meant to show how a certain type of worm (I can’t remember which one) burrows and lives.  Ally just liked the pink ones and spent a good 20 minutes hoarding them together in one section.

Girls – as long as they’re pink, even worms are attractive.

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