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is it 5:00 yet?

August 9, 2010

Sometimes I swear just the act of getting to work in the morning feels like a full day of work in and of itself.  Luckily, I work at an advertising agency, so on particularly “unsmooth” mornings, if I waltz in at 9:45 it’s generally not a big deal.  Take this morning for example:

6:00: alarm goes off

6:30: actually get out of bed and get in the shower – shower takes extra long because I haven’t shaved my legs in a while and I take pity on my husband

6:45-7:15: blowdry and straighten my hair until the curl I was born with is beaten out of it (seriously, how did I live before straightening irons?)

7:15-7:30: get dressed. 

Not too bad so far, right?

7:30: get baby up, she decides that instead of being totally agreeable and going straight downstairs for breakfast she wants to roll around in her crib and scream if I try to pick her up.  Finally, I get her out of bed, and then she wants to read her new favorite Olivia book (which I highly recommend, btw).  I appease her by saying she can bring the book to the table for breakfast.  I carry her and her book downstairs into the kitchen to fix her breakfast, where she decides she wants a banana.  I get her a banana, which she clutches tightly to, but doesn’t eat.  Okay.  I make her cereal and blessedly, at this point (8:00) the nanny arrives.  I hand baby over to the nanny to feed her while I finish getting ready.  Then I realize the dishwasher needs to be emptied because if I don’t do it the nanny will do it (bless her heart) but put everything away in the wrong place, so I do that, then I feel guilty making the nanny do more work than she already does, so I load the dirty dishes from the sink into the dishwasher.  Next, I have to make my latte (cannot survive without it), but of course I was too lazy to clean the espresso machine yesterday, so I have to do it now.  Then I have to lay out my daughter’s snacks and lunch and make sure our bedroom is appropriately clean for the other baby to sleep there.  Then I make the mistake of walking through the family room where baby and nanny are playing – baby decides she wants me to pick her up, which my working-mommy-guilt ALWAYS makes me oblige.  So now I have baby in my arms while trying to find my shoes, keys, sunglasses and phone and finish making my latte.  Then, I realize the pack and play that the other baby will need for her nap is in my trunk from the weekend, so I hand baby to nanny and retrieve the pack n play – while walking to the house, it slips out of the cover into a heap on the sidewalk.  Great.  I gather that and make it to the house.  Then I’m putting on my jacket and scarf (again, Summer in San Francisc0) and grab my coffee and take a sip – of course, it spills on my shirt.  Luckily it’s a patterned shirt so I let it go.  I then go through another 10 minutes of saying good-bye to my daughter as she yells “up!” to me and I smile and wave as I walk away pretending I don’t understand what she wants *sigh*.  THEN, when I’m finally in the car (it’s 9:00 by now), I hit construction traffic in the city and then the parking lot I usually use is full (because I’m so late), so I have to back-track to the other lot and walk an extra 5 minutes to the office…. and here I am.  Ready for a full day of work! 

Is it 5:00 yet?

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